16 March 2012

Lasers and Levitation

Today I went to Pervasive Media Studio in Bristol, where Lia Han and James Millen of the Quantum Workshop at UCL demonstrated how a laser can be used to levitate a glass microsphere, and talked about some of the potential practical uses of quantum physics.

1 March 2012

Architectural Details

Arthur Eddington

I've only just discovered that Arthur Eddington spent part of his childhood in Weston-super-Mare, and what's more, there's a plaque commemorating the fact on the wall of the house where he lived.

I can't help thinking that the inscription is perhaps slightly overenthusiastic; I also can't help thinking that Eddington might well have approved of it.

One of Eddington's other, unmentioned claims to fame was his highly selective and somewhat dubious use of data obtained during the 1919 solar eclipse to support the general theory of relativity, but then that's not the sort of thing that gets commemorated on plaques.