29 April 2012

Death of a Landmark

Last night's winds brought down the top of one of the large trees in Grove Park in Weston-super-Mare.

There's nothing unusual in that, trees have a limited lifespan, and this one has obviously come to the end of its time. It will have to be felled, and that's that, it's the way of the world.

This tree, however, was just a bit out of the ordinary.

During World War II a number of buildings at the northern end of the High Street were destroyed by bombing. One bomb landed near Grove Park, and the explosion blew part of the park railings into the top of this tree, where they remained for some seventy years. Until today.

Weston's bomb sites were redeveloped long ago and now there's little obvious sign of the air raids that the town suffered, so it's a pity that this small landmark will soon disappear.

This tree has always seemed to me to be something of a simple and informal war memorial, albeit one that few people knew about. I'd like to think that some part of it could be preserved, but I suppose that that's a totally unrealistic idea.


ashlene bishop said...

This is so sad, I never knew the history of grove park,and it's wonderful how the,tree survived.
A shame that how awful mother nature can be and take it away.

Camilla said...

I never noticed that- amazing!

Sam Maher said...

I've been on to the Council... The tree has already been cleared but the chunk with the railings might still be on site or else will have been cleared to the contractor's yard. The lady at the council is going to call the contractor in the morning to try to find out what happened to that part of the tree.

I'll keep you posted.

Richard in USA said...

Don't waste a second put this artifact into a Museum...NOW!

Keith Ramsey said...

I've been told today that the railings have been found and are now at Weston-super-Mare Museum:-


Keith Ramsey said...

For an update on the fate of the railings, take a look at http://www.minedeepphotography.com/2012/05/death-of-landmark.html